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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Christian Counseling

     While taking a faith-based perspective in therapy isn't common for everyone, it is for many others. I have always felt that by reframing a situation to try and see what God might be doing in that moment, is not only beneficial, but also a way to find hope in even the darkest of times. The therapeutic process in Christian Counseling is more productive when those involved keep focused on God's will and steadfastness. My goal then as a therapist, is to use the Biblical foundation gained from my seminary education to enhance the counseling skills learned in graduate school.

Core beliefs of Christian Counseling:

1)    You are not alone; God is with you even when you have doubts

2)    You are enough; being created in God’s image means you are made perfect, so let’s stop listening to the voices (both internally and externally) who tell us anything different

3)    You can get through this; rely on God’s strength when you feel weak and are uncertain of what the future holds – With God, all things are possible.

4)    You are loved; while you may have been let down by relationships before, God loves you more than you could possibly imagine. So much so, that you can never do anything to lose God’s love, that’s why it’s called grace, because it is a gift freely given.


If you are interested in Christian Counseling, I would love to hear about how you see your personal faith guiding you through therapy.