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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains


Whether you're looking to improve a relationship with a significant other, process a traumatic event, or better your coping skills, I would be honored to work alongside you towards healing and happiness. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I feel that each person is capable of achieving his or her goals and that this can be done through non-judgmental support of a therapist. I aim to use my knowledge to provide the framework for this type of success.

I have experience working with both women and men, from adolescents to adults. My specialties include Christian counseling, substance abuse, complicated grief/bereavement, depression, anxiety, and trauma. I've also worked with individuals to learn healthy coping skills, move through a significant loss, and communicate more effectively in relationships.

I firmly believe that change is possible, no matter how difficult it may seem. My hope is that you would allow me to join you on this journey toward a life well-lived.


Please call or email me for a consultation today.